81th Students` Scientific-Reserch Conference [Asclepius 2019]

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81th Students Scientific-Reserch Conference

Шановні колеги! 
Студентське наукове товариство Тбіліського державного медичного університету  запрошує Вас до участі у 81-й студентській науковій конференції, яка відбудеться 15 листопада 2019 року на базі Тбіліського державного медичного університету.
Напрями конференції: медицина, громадське здоров'я, стоматологія, фармація, біомедичні науки.
Форми участі: активна
Участь безкоштовна.
Робочі мови конференції: грузинська, англійська.
Дедлайн - 31 жовтня 2019 року.
Реєстрація за посиланням: https://forms.gle/72QZ8CwvQvGbQ2wD6

За додатковою інформацією - https://www.facebook.com/beso.cincadze
Електронна пошта: tsmu.scientific@gmail.com

[From our partner] 81th Students Scientific-Reserch Conference

15.11.2019, Tbilisi, Georgia

Deadline: 31.10.2019

Every year at the Tbilisi State Medical University there it is held traditional Students` Scientific Conferences, which is organized by Iv. Tarkhnishvili Students` Scientific Society and its supporters are Tbilisi State Medical University, and various youth organizations, there are presented dozens of papers on the conference each year. Usually in the conference there are participating students from different universities, which is making the conference far more interesting. Students’ Scientific-Research Conference has been held since 1948, when was established the Students Scientific Society.

This year we have the honor to invite and inform you of the full information about the 81th Students` Scientific-Research Selection Conference [Asclepius].

Organizers of the students` 81th scientific-research conference are:

• Iv. Tarkhnishvili Students` Scientific Society

• Tbilisi State Medical University

Papers presented in the conference will be published in the annual abstract book of Ivane Tarkhnishvili Students Scientific Society. The best abstracts will be selected for final conference !

Requirements for participation in the conference:

1. Eligible to participate in: following faculties of all accredited universities: Medicine, Public Health, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Biomedicine and etc. (Degree: Bachelor, Master, Resident, MD, PHD)

2. Report (presentation) form: Oral

3. Working language of the conference: Georgian, English

4. The conference will be held on November 15 [2019 y.]

5. One author can submit only one work

6. Number of co-authors (including the author) should not exceed four, and the number of the head of scientific works should be maximum two

7. Papers should represent original research

8. The work should not be published anywhere before the conference

9. The organizing committee is authorized to conduct legal duplication of materials, without making editorial changes.

10. Deadline: 31 October

The rule of thesis decoration:

• Author and co-authors names are written in full;

• Title should be clearly formulated, must not contain more than 15 words;

• The facility should provide a paper (University Department), institution (Chair) Director, name of the Head of Research (in full), their medical and academic degrees (full);

The thesis must contain only

• Description of the problem

• Methodology

• The most significant results

• The most important conclusions

The oral presentation should be presented as a presentation file type (it should be done in following program Microsoft PowerPoint 2013-2016) or as a poster (Size A1, Digital)


• The duration of the presentation is 10 minutes, which is including extra time for questions and discussion

• For the poster presentation 3 minutes

• Fill the registration form below.

For further information, please contact us: TSMU Administrative Building, 4th Floor, Room 405.

Email: tsmu.scientific@gmail.com

Facebook: sss.tsmu

555 631 404 Levan Tsaguria [President]

558 730 570 Mariam Kalebashvili [General Secretary]

558 100 725 Besik Tsintsadze [Vice-President]

598 104 064 Nika Targaladze [Vice-President]

Good Luck!


Ivane Tarknishvili Students' Scientific Society